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          CRGO Lamination For Transformers
          We manufacture CRGO Lamination For Transformers with following functionality:

  • Slitting :- The CRGO steel is received in the form of coil and can be silted in the minimum width of 10 mm and multiples of 5 mm. The cutters are frequently grinded to control the burr level.

  • Shearing :- The silted coil are sheared in the treadle shearing machine at an angle of 45 degrees & in case of mitered core and 90 degrees in case of rectangular core. Utmost care is taken in grinding of the blades at specific interval of time in order to minimize the burr level not exceeding more than 10 micron.

  • V-Notching :- The process of V-notching in the yoke plates of the stacked lamination are carried out in semi automatic power presses using dies made of tungsten carbide for achieving almost zero burr level.

  • Stress Relieving Annealing :- During the course of process the stresses developed in the stacked lamination tend to increase the losses and magnetizing current of the core. This is relieved by subjecting the lamination in roller hearth stress relieving annealing furnace.

  • Testing :- Random tests are conducted on sample of the CRGO/CRNGO Raw Material. The CRGO/CRNGO Lamination are packed on the wooden pallets and covered by the water proof cloth duly strapped in order to avoid damage to the core edges. Lamination for measurement of losses, insulation resistance, bend test, burr level.

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